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By Saba - 23 Sep 2018

Dear Pastor Frank, sister Mary, Maynard, with family and friends hello. 

This is Saba Alemayehu.  I just want to tell you that there is this 68.65 Acres of land already bought to serve as a Christian Vegan Ranch, in the Good Shepherd's name. 

The Ranch belongs to Lord Jesus and needs developing.  So far we managed only to get the vacant land near Montana, but did not done any work on it.  So I am telling you all to brain storm and see how we can raise the funds and to dedicate it to the work intended.  I have been praying for God to show us how to go about it and to provide the means to run the ranch effectively.  I hope that each of you take this to heart, and help out in using the land, for the glory of our God.  You do not have to worry about the yearly payment required for the land, because we will shoulder that.

We are hoping this Christian Vegan Ranch will be home for Christian vegans, the good animals, the plant kingdom and all creatures of God under the Lord.  We can have believers and animals living, worshiping and working in there, and having all things in common.   

 Please reply to me and let me know what you suggest, or if you have any question do not hesitate to ask us.  It is you brothers and sisters and all the Christian Vegan/Vegetarian groups that care about the success of such hopes.

God be glorified forever.


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