Animal Exploitation and the Journey to Veganism


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Animal Exploitation and the Journey to Veganism
By Mark McCrae - 11 Mar 2011

In Reference to: Animal Exploitation Photo Journal and Gallery

I do understand why you put this on your page, but considering the mass of folks who have different religions, it's way to " obvious " your beliefs. No matter who believes in what, these poor bunnies, you do not have to post your beliefs for any one to see what these poor bunnies are going thru. I am just writing to let you know the above comments after some friends looked at the mass enterprise that you're displaying. If any one was to view this page, without the religion aspect, well it would be more to your advantage than to not. That unfortunately, is being viewed as a "bible thumper ", and that's just not right. You know my very second bunny named Cocoa Bean, by a 12 year old who didn't have dd, and I filled the "uncle buck" relation, so I took the names she gave him.

Something started to go bad for him, and I spent everything I had and didn't have, but we found he had a sever, very sever kidney infection, and day by day I watched him dragging himself to use the litter box trying so hard to be the good bunny. We saved him, but it left him in a wheel chair. That's right, I built him a workable wheel chair for him and once learned how to use it, well that was some happy bunny.

It's fine to tell others of your belief's, but to much causes to much for someone to look at. Your talking about a god, then showing this, ,,,,,,,,,,, please don't over do it so people will give denotations. I believe in your page and I would never ever permit anything like this going down with my knowledge.

I do thank you for the info when I needed it, take care,