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By Red - 30 Nov 2005

I wonder how the military would like it if someone were to cowardly shoot their dogs, the dogs they use for military use. Dogs are just not dogs just as cats are not just cats. They were domesticated many years ago to be used as companions.

As for as my option on eating red meat and chicken I have to say that Man was not made to survive on vegetables alone. Our bodies require certain vitamins and proteins, etc. which are found in high concentrations in such products as Chicken and Beef. I try and stay away from beef as much as possible and although I do eat it I do find it harsh how they treat these animals before they are put into our local grocery stores.

I have been on the freeway and seen the trucks drive by with the hundreds of chickens just stuffed into small containers with no protection from the weather, etc. I have even at one time went off chicken and red meat for a couple of months but the chicken part is hard. I know that all animals are life forms, creatures, they have feelings, they feel pain, etc.

At the same time though a Dog and a Cat are somewhat higher up in the chain as far as mental capacity. Chickens and Cows do not view us or have the ability to view us as a Dog or Cat would. In that military video is was clear that the dog was trying to hide from the men as he was scared and he was right in being scared as from the end result they killed the dog in a very inhumane way. Not to eat the dog but to simply inflict pain and torture in a way to mask their own insecurities as men. It is just another question of what are we doing in Iraq? I thought we were there to liberate not to kill innocent people and animals just because our government gives us the weapons to do so. I mean I have seen other military videos where they used one of the attack helicopters to shoot at a person the ground talk about overkill and a waste of tax payers money.

The fact is I like chicken and have always been a fan. How they treat the animals is wrong and maybe in some way it is morally wrong if you look at it from a religious point but I have eaten it for years. As the owner of two cats I am against any type of cruel act towards animals. I understand as a society of meat eaters we are going to kill other animals for consumption but at the same time there is no need to torture these animals before there demise.

The whole deal with the dog eating in Korea is wrong. If they are going to eat the dog they should at least treat the dog with compassion and kill it in a humane and respectable way. It is their culture to eat dog and although I see it as very wrong I am no one to tell them what they can and can't do. All we can really ask is that they stop doing so or at least be more humane about it. Personally I do not see anything tasty looking about a dog. I honestly can't even look at red meat or chicken unless it is packaged in the store and in parts like a breast or drum stick.

These are just my own personal views and opinions and most people have the right to live their lives how they feel and believe what they believe. While I agree with some of your views as far as animal cruelty I do not necessarily agree with going total veggie, that is for me personally. No offense to your or your organization. I am against the testing of animals I think that is a very unkind act which could be done on some of the humans in our society that do not deserve to live if you know what I mean.

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