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Questions by Samuel Titus with Answers by Frank L. Hoffman - 16 Dec 2005

Dear Frank,

How do you treat your animals?

[Frank L. Hoffman] Very we'll!

Do you have any?

[Frank L. Hoffman] Not at the present time, but we take care of our neighbor's cats.

When you see a stray dog on the street do you go buy it some food or take it home with you so that it will be cared for?

[Frank L. Hoffman] We work very closely with a large rescue and adoption organization to make sure that all animals have a good home.

Where do you draw the line for giving compassion to animals?

[Frank L. Hoffman] There is no place to draw the line for compassion, because to do so eliminates compassion. If we are truly loving and compassionate, we will love the whole of God's creation, and do our best to protect and care for it.

Do you buy shampoo or other products that have been tested on animals?

[Frank L. Hoffman] No! Neither do we but any items that contain animal derived ingredients.

I myself eat meat and find nothing wrong with it. God has not convicted me to not eat meat.

[Frank L. Hoffman] Is it that God hasn't convinced you, or that you haven't been listening?

I don't find anything wrong with people being vegetarians but I often wonder what thought process they are going through. When did God convict you not to eat meat and how did He?

[Frank L. Hoffman] He helped us to feel the pain and suffering of the animals.

Well, I hope that we will be able to continue learning from each other as we continue on our daily walks with Christ. Hope you don't mind me asking.


Samuel Titus 

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