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By Frank and Mary Hoffman - 2 Jan 2006

Dear Jennifer:

Thank you very much for in-depth letter.

From our surveys, more than 80% of our web site visitors eat and wear animal products, and since our web traffic is continuously increasing, we believe that our message of love and compassion for the whole of creation is reaching millions of people every year who have not heard it before. We are not, so to speak, speaking to the choir, as your visit testifies.

The reason that we mention this, is that true love and compassion must be unlimited. When we limit our love, it is something else. You say that you love animals and don't want them to suffer. You acknowledge that they have the same feeling as we humans do. You agree, as we do, that we're not superior to animals. And, you agree that humans do have the power to dominate the other animal of this world and rape the environment, and you say that you deplore this abuse, as we do. You also seem to be very well educated and understand how much animals in this world suffer.

Since more than 95% of all animal products sold in this country come from factory farmed animals, who suffer every day of their lives and then die a horrible and terrifying death, how is it that you can say that it's ok to eat and wear these animals. People lull themselves into believing that there is human slaughter, which there isn't, and unfortunately you seem to be falling into this trap. We just don't understand how you can hold these two diametrically opposed positions.

We could address these conditions surrounding laboratory animals, the fur trade, and hunting, but our question to you remains the same. How can you condone this when you know about all the suffering.

We really would like to hear back from you about this, because you're not alone in your beliefs, but you are definitely more knowledgeable about the suffering of animals than most of those people with whom we discuss this issue.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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