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By Holly M Lepor - 6 Jan 2006



I found your site to be very interesting to say the least. I had no idea that all that went on. But I wonder, how many chicken farms did you visit? Are they all as bad as the pictures portray?

While I do think the situation is sad, and I wish animals were treated with more care (because the Bible is clear that it is our job), I just don't see how refusing to eat eggs or animals will solve the problem. why not try raising money to help pay for bigger facilities? Just an idea. there's nothing wrong with eating chicken itself...or any animal for that matter. After the fall of man, the animals became food for us. in fact, God told Noah to bring clean birds on the ark for food. and I know that God did not create the animals for that purpose in the beginning, but that changed.

Your article really made me think. You have good arguments. You have touching pictures. Yet, I do not feel a conviction to become a vegetarian because some men are uncompassionate and are cruel to animals (be careful when you call these farmers sinful, demonic, or evil, for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God - Rom. 3:23). we need the protein; and while I realize you can get plenty of that from nuts and beans and such, couldn't I make an argument saying that I won't eat anything that comes from a factory because the factories are polluting the earth?

God told us to subdue the earth too. Would you stop going to a college that teaches medicine because some people become abortionists and murder unborn children? No.

My point is, the world is a fallen place, and I am glad that you are taking a stand against what is wrong. I admire that....but we also need food to survive. I hope it doesn't sound like I am totally disagreeing with you, because I think you have good points and God has given you great compassion and mercy, which all Christians should have.

These were just my thoughts. I would love to get a response from you. Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Romans 8:28

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