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By Victor - 15 Jan 2006

Hello Frank and Mary,

Thank you for your kind reply. Perhaps the bible does not specifically say that Jesus put the fish in his mouth but I would say it is safe to assume. Peter you recall was also a fisherman and in fact made his living providing for the people fish to eat. In the bible Jesus tells Peter who was not catching fish on one side of the boat to try the other side. He listen to Jesus, and in turns makes a record catch. This unmistakably was helping Peter in his activities.

There is also a passage that says that all foods are ok to eat. I donít have my bible on me to look it up but it is there. In fact the Bible, Old and New testament is in fact riddled with references and suggestions to condone the eating of meat (not obscene unnecessary animal brutality).

Yes, you are right Jesus was the last sacrifice for the atonement of our sins but that in no way means that we canít or should not eat meat. That means that God no longer requires us to sacrifice the fatted calf or lamb to pay for our sins as was the custom in Jesusí day. If you are referring to Jesusí death as proof that we should no longer eat meat what about the ďonly one passage in the Bible where is says that Jesus may have eaten a piece of fish, and that was after His resurrection, ďthat you had mentioned in your email? I hope this provides some insight. There is nothing wrong with being a Vegan there is also nothing wrong with eating meat. God Bless and please feel free to write.

P.S. What about the locusts? (They are not cute but they are Godís creation too). Didnít Jesus eat them in the dessert?

Sincerely and Respectfully,


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