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By Emily Webster - 28 Mar 2006


I happened upon your website by chance and was totally disgusted with the way you portrayed farming to be. My husband and I own a dairy farm. My parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents were all dairy farmers. Not all farmers keep their animals as you portray and claim as the standard. We pride ourselves in the manner we keep our cattle. Each of our calves has an individual hutch to sleep in that is kept clean and bedded with nice fluffy straw. We don't chain our calves, they are left loose to run within their hutch and pen outside. When they are to big for the hutches, they are moved to a larger pen with 6-8 other calves their own age where they still enjoy the same clean bedding accomodations, just in a larger group hutch. When they reach 6-8 months in age, they are moved to a larger pasture where they are free to run and kick up their heals if they so choose. They have grass to eat along with dry hay and grain that we provide to them.

When the cows and heifers are ready to have their calves, they are moved to a freshly bedded pen that is set away from the rest of the animals so that they have some "privacy", yet can still be watched should they have any problems and need assistance. When the calves are born, every effort is made to see that mother and baby are well. My husband has even gone as far as doing mouth-to-mouth on a calf that was having difficulty breathing. I am glad to say that she came around and she is now a happy member of our milking herd. Our cows have clean, dry, soft sand bedding in their roomy freestalls. Our cows are clean and happy.

As for your vegan/vegetarian views, those are your personal beliefs and I can't change that. I eat meat and enjoy it. God put animals on this earth for us to eat and to use to our benefit, not to worship as you seem to. If God had intended for Adam and Eve to eat a vegan/vegetarian diet, He wouldn't have created animals. What would his purpose have been otherwise? There wouldn't have been one! I am a practicing Christian. I grew up in the United Methodist Church and currently attend the Church of God.

Oh, and by the way. I don't know where you got all your information, but a cow can still produce milk without having a calf every year. We have several cows that haven't had a calf in 4 years, and are still milking quite well. I suggest you verify your information with several reliable sources before publishing it on the web as fact. I'd also like to know where you got all your pictures you have posted? I have a feeling they were gotten either by "sneaking" them, or by misleading the owners as to your actual purpose. Both cases I'm sure God would certainly have not approved of.

These are my views and I see nothing wrong with them. I also think we treat our cattle humanly and that God would agree and approve of how we have handled the gifts he has given us. I see our cattle as a gift from God. He has entrusted us with their care and to use to feed and clothe our children.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to voice my views.

Emily Webster

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