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By Tamer Essam - 17 May 2006

First of all, I would like to thank you of a very wonderful job in creating this website, although I feel very much astonished of the gruesome pictures that you posted of animal torture.

I would like to explain just some points that some readers have commented upon. I being a Muslim, God through prophet Mohamed has taught us that this cruelty is not to go unpunished. These animals will take their own right by their own hands on judgement day and the people who were really amused with these tortures will suffer exactly the same cruelty as they inflicted on these animals.

However, what he Koran says that God has created the animals for the welfare of humanity, only herbivores to be eaten. In Koran, it is considered taboo to eat carnivores animals (dogs, cats, etc.). God also states that one must only slaughter animals that he will devour only and not mass killing. The pig eating is also taboo in Islam, God has created the pig to as an earth scavenger or better said as the earth's trash can. Due to this worms, live in the pigs intestine and therefore the pig should not be eaten.

The process of slaughtering animals is also clearly stated in the Koran and that is by slitting swiftly with a sharpened knife the animals throat (through this process the animals' blood fully flows out of the body- the animal doesn't feel any pain). The kicking and struggling of the animal is just as the soul comes out. Shooting with bullets, electrocuting, etc is absolutely forbidden in Islam. Muslims must eat animals slaughtered alive in the process I described above.

One last issue that I would like to comment on is that of "animals going to paradise"- the Koran states that God has created heaven and hell.  Heaven as stated in the Koran is for the human beings only and so is hell. A person can go to hell for torturing a cat or dog and not just disbelieving in God.

Sorry for the long email, but I thought I needed to clarify some issues.

Thank You.

Tamer Essam

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