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Animals as Food
Comments by Scott Jackson - 27 Sep 2006

Yes, it is out of sight of the other buffalo when we shoot it. That is a very important part of the field slaughter. It is very obvious how bison near Yellowstone park try to help a shot/wounded member of their herd when they are hunted as they cross out of the park boundary. On our farm, we do sometimes have a calf or other grown buffalo that dies for unknown reasons. Mothers are noticeable attached to their calves and very protective. So protective that it's often impossible to get a vet to the calf because she will attack anything that comes near it (this is when a calf obviously isn't quite right and is having problems either from being injured by another buffalo or birth defects). These situations are sad but they are the same as what would happen in the wild. The mother will leave the calf after a few days though and join the rest of the herd. She will put her safety, ultimately, ahead of her calf. From a survival of the species standpoint, this makes sense. A cow buffalo will usually have a calf each year for at least 20 years of her life. To lose her life defending one calf would mean she couldn't have any more calves. I do understand the the majority of the public doesn't realize where almost all of their meat comes from. There's also a lot of flexibility with terms like natural, organic, and free-range. The ideas of fair treatment are out there, but it's usually little more than marketing. Keep up the fight.

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