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By Scott Jackson - 27 Sep 2006

Just a bit to add to my first post:

I also wanted to say that I know eating eggs or meat isn't necessary for our survival. I see death as being natural and part of life. Cruelty to animals by forcing them in unpleasant situations is NOT. Please don't have anything against me for not being vegan. I read just a couple of your responses to letters and as far as male chickens/ducks being killed while females are kept as egg layers, that's true. However, the males on traditional farms live with the females in open fields/yards until they're fully grown. They have good lives. They are then quickly killed and yes, eaten. When the egg laying females get too old, they are also eaten. I don't see that as mistreating the chickens. You can't get much more natural than that. Humans, like bears and pigs are omnivores and there's many carnivorous animals that also kill to eat. I don't think death is evil, but abuse is. If only there was a way to get all meat/egg producers to raise the animals in a clean and humane manner, farmers like myself would easily make enough money on just farming without needing supplementary jobs. At the same time, consumers would pay more for the same amount of meat/eggs but I think most would be happy to do so if they knew what the alternative is (the current situation of animal cruelty).


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