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Animals as Food
Comments by Jenny Moxham - 21 Apr 2007

Dear Mary and Frank,

How are you? Enjoying your nice Spring weather I hope?

Last week I went chestnut picking ............and in the shed, afterwards I came across a youth pastor whom I'd been wanting to get in touch with for the past year. (He was the grandson of the person for whom I was picking chestnuts)

I told him that I had a DVD from a Christian vegetarian society regarding why we shouldn't eat animals and I wondered if he'd be interested in taking a look at it.

His reply........."I don't think so. I like meat." I was rather taken aback. He's only 21 and I somehow felt that young people would be more open-minded. I spoke a bit more regarding even if we only care for people we should sop eating animals because of all the grain and legumes fed to farm animals in the West. He said , 'God killed the first animal to make clothing". I couldn't take the discussion any further employees were right there .........also impossible to argue with anyone who believes that the bible is the word of God

I went away deeply saddened to think that even young people in the church have this attitude. The sooner the 'church' dies out the better it will be for animals I feel.

On a happier not; Whilst chestnut picking last week I chatted to a 16 year old boy who was interested to learn that I was a vegetarian. I chatted to him for some time and came away feeling very happy and hopeful that our discussion could influence him to become a vegetarian.


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