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Animals as Food
Comments by Mariko Ayake - 15 May 2007

Dear people of,

I happened upon this page ( and I must admit that it is really horrific and inhumane to do such deeds to an animal... but to "Don't Eat Eggs!" is completely off the subject! Are you attempting to boycott the farms and industries that produce and sell these eggs? If so, why don't you just write, "Don't buy eggs!"

If not, you are using these pictures and facts to persuade people to become vegetarians (I know you only just targeted chickens here, but I also read the little teeny writing on the bottom, stating your dislike against meat-eating). Not that there's anything wrong with that, but please do it directly, instead of adding that little detail every once in a while to change the mind one by one (I merely skimmed so I was spared, thankfully, of this affect). That, my good men and women, is unjust and it makes you seem dreadfully sneaky.

And is there anything wrong with eating eggs or meat? You can get eggs that are NOT fertilized and they taste just fine - without the embryo! You writing "Don't eat eggs!" are really trying to say "Be vegetarians!" and persuading the audience with the pictures. Not every producer of eggs do such things and you know that is the truth. I urge you to please add this small detail somewhere on that page - you are "fudging" the truth and making it seem a great deal more horrific. And about the meat - I see you are all Christians. I am too! But... as the Bible states, God permitted the consumption of meat. You put things like, "Would God really want that to happen?" You are using religion to back up the "We want you to be vegetarians and you are a terrible person if you don't be!" concept. Would God want that? For his supporters to be sneaky (like fudging the truth) and childish (I think more advanced vocabulary would persuade these people more rather than a few "Don't Eat Eggs!" and other seemingly adolescent profanities like that) when trying to convert people to vegetarianism? Please, please put somewhere on the page, that you are trying to make an attempt to make people not eat meat.

I really appreciate you taking time to read this whole email! Please consider it the things I have suggested!

- a fellow Christian

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