Animals as Food



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Animals as Food
Comments by Kristin Hanson - 20 Jun 2007

Dear Mary and Frank,

I first visited your website back in January 2007 or so, all I really saw was pictures from your "Animal Exploitation" section. I found those pictures, to be blunt, very disturbing to say the least. Before I came across your website I was a big meat-eater steaks, veal cutlets, pork chops etc. Since I saw your website, and actually seen what goes on to these animals before they become meat, I slowed down on eating meat.

Up until a month or more ago, I haven't seen the clips as my computer is slow. I have recently been able to see the clips, which I found to be 100 times worse then the pictures. Cows, pigs, sheep and any other animal do not deserve this kind of treatment. They deserve more respect then having their throats slit, and being hauled down the line( still alive I might add) and chopped up for a measly steak or hamburger for someone who DOES NOT really need it.

When I showed my grandmother these clips she told me she already knew how it was done ...... or thought she knew until I played them for her. She was speechless afterwards, finally she told me that that's not how they'd done it on their farm. Pigs were taken from their mother when they were old enough, and raised outside in a big pen. When they wanted to "slaughter" them, they waited until they were a certain age, of which I cant remember.

Claves should NOT be taken from their mothers at birth and tied so they cant even stand up or move around and practically starved, all for the so called "tenderness" of their meat. I don't care if its tender, your killing a BABY!!!!

I think everyone should go to a slaughterhouse or slaughter their own meat. If they don't have the guts/stomach for it, then don't eat it.

As an animal lover of my whole 18-19 yrs of life, I can't believe i actually supported slaughterhouses by eating meat. They deserve to be roaming in fields grazing, with their young, not cooped up in small pens outside waiting to be hauled in for slaughter.

I have been vegetarian for 3 months, and feel better knowing I'm not eating an animal that was abused and killed in an inhumane way.

If slitting the throat of a human and watching them bleed to death is murder .... why does it make it OK to do that to an animal?

British Columbia, Canada

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