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Animals as Food
Comments by Heather - 25 Jun 2007

I had NO idea what chickens went through!! I think it is inhumane and just completely sickening that they are forced to "live" in such torturous conditions. I think that the people who treat the chickens like that should be stuffed up in a cage together and put through similar conditions to see how they like it.

We were just given a baby chick today and I was doing research on how to properly care for them. My family is planning on spoiling our little chick (named Chicken Bird, by our almost 3 year old son who now claims the chick as his "best friend") and providing it with a luxury home to live in with plenty of free space to run and plenty of protection from any form of predators!!!

Thank you for putting out such information. I hope that you continue to spread the truth. Please know that I have decided, and told my husband, that I plan to no longer support the torture of these poor innocent birds from such suppliers.

Thanks again!!!

Heather and family...

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