Animals as Food


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Animals as Food
By Patricia - 25 Nov 2007

You welcome commentary on your photos of the Koreans slaughtering dogs.

I guess folks don't get so upset when it's a calf.

The bottom line is that Buddhism was a good thing-- to a point.

I think it's a matter of how your respect other life.
I had neighbor-- a lifelong great fisherman.
I had a fit with him one day, cause he was filleting fish alive and then tossing the still living animal back in the water.
He said -- "They don't feel anything." The fish were packed, twisted and gasping, in a container of water to keep them alive and 'fresh' until time to butcher them.

I said many things --

I don't know that he changed much-- he DID start taking the time and energy to kill them before he cut-

Here's the deal; I am like the best American Indian. One can kill the animal for our sustenance -- but the animal needs to be honored, and their death needs to be quick and painless.