Animals as Food


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Animals as Food
Comments by Michael - 9 May 2008

I stumbled across this site looking for pictures of baby cows to steal, so forgive me if I’m not keen to all the arguments being discussed here (or why your page is overloaded with so many animated GIFs and atrocious backgrounds. It’s like a time machine back to 1996 in here). But from the most recent posting:

“The main reason not to eat or wear animals is because of the immense cruelty inflicted upon them. Such treatment is condemned by the Bible.”

And…? Shaving your beard and cutting your sidelocks is also condemned by the Bible, but I’m going to venture a guess that the webmasters are not sporting the Hasid aesthetic. Please don’t be one of those elitist Christians who only espouses those edicts that allow them to adopt a morally superior position. It’s what gives Christianity a laughably bad name.

The “because the Bible tells me so” argument only works if you follow every teaching, not just the ones that you can easily adapt to your pre-existing beliefs and motivations. So far, the previous Michael’s argument of “meat tastes good, therefore I will eat it” is far more compelling.