Animals as Food



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Animals as Food
Comments by Beryl Furman - 10 Jul 2008

So many people say: "God meant animals to be for us to use". How come they don't understand the difference between torture and a respectful attitude towards animals?

Even when using animals after their death people should treat them with respect. But, even when people are well informed of what happens to the animals and how they suffer, it doesn't change anything in them or in their behaviour. They keep on eating meat, milk and eggs with pleasure and go on sleeping well all their nights.

I no longer love humans. It hurts them, because they think they deserve to be loved.

How is all this possible? - Only because the good people allow it.

I use all my energy, time and money for fighting against the torturers. And so do you too, thank God.

Best wishes,

Beryl Furman

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