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Animals as Food
Comments by Beryl Furman - 11 Jul 2008

Hi again,

It's nice to have contact to animal loving people so far away.

I must say I don't know how many vegans there are in Finland, but I shall ask somebody. Anyway the movement is spreading right now quite roughly.

Somehow some unknown activists got undercover videos to be showed on TV last winter, just before Xmas. It caused a lot of discussion in the newspapers etc. Yet, no difference was seen in the amount of pork people bought for Xmas. Everybody says they love animals, so much they can't stand even to hear or see about their suffering! But the very second that they should give up a habit or a flavour they like, the "love" has disappeared. To change from milk to soya is out of question. Yet these people like to think they are good people.

I have been vegan for a year. When I saw Unser täglicher Brot - document I cried for 24 hours. Then I decided that I will not have any part of that. Then I stopped eating anything that's from animals and changed my whole life as much as possible free from animal products. If somebody had attracted me, before I had done this change in lifestyle, with anger for drinking milk or eating eggs, I would have understood him and had been grateful to him/her. But normally people get very annoyed. They do not want to be reminded of their sins and brutality.

Finland is anyway far behind from Sweden and Denmark. And we have 400 000 animals in cages for fur. Finland sells foxes to China to be "to have their skin taken off" (scalded?) while they are still alive. Right now they have started to build a 20 km long farm for the fur industry!!!

The media keeps still when cases such as this are protested by activists. And without publicity our efforts are almost useless.

I am 55 years old and feel a bit frustrated while working with the young activists because of their way of handling things. It is more loose than that of a person who has been in working life for many years (though I'm an artist!) For them it is more a question of a way of living, for me it is ONLY TO HELP ANIMALS. There fore most of my activity is arranging exhibitions about animal suffering and activism + writing articles in the newspapers, which I fairly often get printed, in spite of their aggressive tone, luckily.

I am 100% pessimistic. No matter how much we work, Evil gets stronger day by day in the whole world. People eat pork more than ever in Finland, they just announced on TV. And that is happening in the whole world. God is not interested in helping animals, since He has been chased away; He will not be where he is not wanted.

So that is why I LOVE people like you who work in order to save at least some of the millions of suffering animals, all those lovely lovely animals, who never did anything wrong and who would enjoy their life so much unless there was human being. I'm a deep misanthropist.
I have a secret wish, which I tell only to you, that in the future to be able to live so that I would not have any contact with meat-eating people.

Thank you again for helping animals,


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