Animals as Food



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Animals as Food
Comments by Raquel - 17 Jan 2009

Dear Mary & Frank:

My name is Raquel and this evening I am experiencing internal agony over the horrid things I have recently witnessed. My senses have been dull because it was too hard to look, but now I see.

The "Factory Farms" are hell on Earth for humans, the environment and of course these helpless animals.

Whoever said we are allowed to kill, maim and abuse animals who were HERE first? It is sick, sad and evil. Pure evil how these poor creatures are suffering beatings, hangings, throat slashing, head bashing, and irreversible pain. All in the name of USDA eatery!

The karma is huge human gluttons walking around with cancer, heart disease and depression. Still, this does not stop most. Even killing the Earth is not enough.

Who destroys their own planet and the beautiful creatures on them?

Money, greed, gluttony, selfishness, debauchery.

SOMETHING MUST BE DONE. This is terribly wrong and unnatural.

How can we stop these Factory Farms?


"Voice for the unheard"

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