Animals as Food


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Animals as Food
Comments by Sharon - 26 Jan 2009


Several years ago, for health reasons hubby and I embarked on a vegetarian diet, low fat and almost 90% of the time vegan. Time passed, and we went back onto meat. I am finding that I am leaning more and more to going back to a mostly vegan diet. For health reasons and not for other reasons. I told my hubby about a week ago that I had all but made my mind up that this was what I wanted to do. So he is happy to give it another go so long as I can find good recipes. I'm sure I will!

My question, which you have probably addressed on the website is about how God introduced meat into man's diet. Knowing that a vegetarian diet is better for us humans, why would God do that? He could have sustained their food supplies just like in the wilderness with the Israelites. I read where some Christians will discuss about how we shouldn't eat meat etc. But God would never do anything to harm us and so therefore introducing meat would not have been a negative, but some Christians believe that meat was introduced into our diet to shorten our life span. There is, of course, is pure interpretation.

I know I just feel much happier within myself when I don't eat "meat", whether it's beef, chicken, fish etc.

Sharon :-)

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