Animals as Food


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Animals as Food
Comments by Francis - 4 Mar 2009

I never in my previous email tried to justify eating meat after the final atonement. I never made it past the atonement of our Lord. I was simply trying to lay the groundwork of Old Testament events, which led up to and were necessary to validate the Scriptural claims of Christ as the final sacrifice amongst His many other titles: High priest, prophet, and king.

I am not trying to start arguments. I just want to understand your theological disposition. I will read more of your website before I ask any more questions.

Ironically I did a search on white cabbage because I bought a cabbage the other day that was very white in color, which I've never seen before. Your site was the first result, and had the Genesis scripture at the bottom, which caught my attention as a Bible college student. I sure hope that if eating meat is somehow a sin that the Lord has mercy on us, or else I guess heaven will just be filled with seventh day Adventists, and if that's the position you're taking we have a lot more theological issues to work out of far greater importance than dietary restrictions.

Grace and peace,


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