Animals as Food


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Animals as Food
Comments by Lisa - 14 May 2009

I totally agree with you to stop cruelty to farm animals, but to say stop eating eggs is a little far fetched, don't you think? That would be like stop trying to get people to eat or drink, Get real! Eating eggs isn't a bad thing, there good for you, killing chickens in such an inhumane way is bad.

What we need to do is educate these factory farms and explain that humane treatment of animals will increase there production tremendously. Why can't they see that. Jesus fished for food, what is wrong with that, people eat animals but they don't have to be cruel to them. I produce my own eggs and my chickens are my friends and I take care of them like their my family. They are happy and they produce. I just rescued one tiny little chicken that was being picked to death, people thought I was nuts, but it is a living creature that has feelings and was feeling pain, one little chicken that I saved makes me feel great, he is happy and finally able to get some peace.

Scary thing is I don't know what do do with them when they get old, I'll never be able to kill them for a bowl of soup.



Just my thought!

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