Animals as Food


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Animals as Food
Comments by Felix - 11 Aug 2010

I looked at your website, I kinda just stumbled onto it. I understand your stance on animal cruelty, it is wrong obviously. I prefer to eat meat that I have hunted or raised myself. Free range animals that are processed humanely should be the standard everywhere. I do not agree or understand your stance on not eating meat at all though. Humans are omnivorous creatures thats why our bodies are capable of digesting meat. Is the Lion a "Bad Creature" for killing the zebra? I think you should focus on how to treat animals correctly rather than everyone in the world becoming Vegan. We are not horses, we were meant to eat meat. Theres nothing wrong with being on the top of the food chain. FYI studies have shown that plant life respond to music and other stimulation. Are you gonna starve yourself to death to now to avoid injuring plant life too. I dont expect you to change your views based on my comments, but if you care at all about being realistic and objective and really want to make a change in the world, maybe you should consider some of the things I have written. I feel like a larger audience would take your plight more seriously if it were a little less one-sided.