Animals as Food


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Animals as Food
Comments by Frank - 17 Aug 2010


I have recently become a Buddhist and I am now more conscious about the suffering of animals caused by my desire for their flesh as food. I want to change this and this is how I happened on your website. I think the work you are doing is wonderful, and I don't ask this question as a criticism or in a negative way, but I do winder how you can care so much for animals and quote the Bible (OT and NT) and not wonder why the God you worship demanded animal sacrifice in the OT and also gave very specific requirements for the manner in which animals would be sacrificed as well as which could be slaughtered for food. Moreover, as Christians, you refer to Jesus as The Lamb of God and, as such, believe that Jesus was sent as a substitute sacrifice i.e. God required the blood sacrifice of "his only son.". How can it be that you argue for people to become vegetarian or even vegan, and offer in support, a religion with a rich history of divinely-ordained slaughter?

Although this was not a primary resin for me rejecting Christianity, it does speak to the larger issue of hypocrisy which certainly did.

Again, I am asking this respectfully so please do not think my intention is otherwise. I am merely puzzled.

I do thank you for your site, however, as seeing the vile abuse of animals will certainly assist me as I try to move to a vegetarian lifestyle.

Be well,