Animals as Food


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Animals as Food
Comments by Trinda - 5 Apr 2011

Dear Frank and Mary,

I appreciate your extreme love of animals that I share with both of you, and I respect your choice in being vegan. However, we will never succeed if you insist everyone should be vegan. We have different religions, different political views and different views of what foods humans consume. I don't know how you define abuse, but there are farmers that do treat their animals humanely.

I have friends that raised organic free range beef and goats (for milk and cheese) and they treat these animals kindly and lovingly. In Switzerland, I have seen how they treat their beef and dairy cows, and how they even pay locals to grow special grasses, which the farmers come and mow and pay for the grasses after the harvest it.

What we should strive for is better more humane conditions for these animals bred and grown for consumption, and we need stiff laws to control these farms. Why should domesticate pets be protected and not animals raised for consumption?

If you have vegans and omnivores alike trying to protect their animals' rights, we will have a bigger group of people supporting this movement. If you keep insisting people go vegan when you discuss these practices without allowing choice, you will lose the majority of us who do not wish to give up meat consumption.

I think this extreme view of suggesting everyone be vegan is what limits us in this matter. You don't have to go from A to Z. There is such a thing a compromise in what we eat, but not compromise in animal cruelty. (We can't make animal consumption as food the definition of animal cruelty, even though that is your opinion, or we will never go anywhere in this problem). After all humans are omnivores, and we would not have survived to this century without the use of animals sources of food.

Nature shows us in the oceans and in forests and the plains, animals consume animals. Humans have followed this path and our teeth indicate we were meant to eat meat. I think to make this work, so all people understand are not turned away from this, is to educate them on the issue of how we treat the food that we raise for consumption.

We need to push for laws that control the treatment of animals for consumption, and make these factory farms where animals
never see grass or sky or have the freedom to move and run,
completely illegal!

Research reveals that organic free range eggs have more nutrients than factory farmed eggs, like more folic acid. We need more research like this to promote and back the need for humanely raised animals. This research could show how humane farming is healthier for for the animals, and for us as consumers of this meat. I personally think that the stress hormones in the meat of this factory farmed meat might cause harmful affects to humans. Thinking these thoughts will not help us, we need researchers to take this on and find if any of this is true. We need a lot of money to pay for this research and to fight these practices, so alienating the non vegans (by insisting the only choice is to go vegan) will not get us where we need to go.

Boycotting meat from factory farms is a good place to start, and I plan on not buying any meat from factory farms. Of, course recently, that means I haven't bought any pork. Someone should make available lists and brochures for each state the provide the names of local farmers that grow meat in the more traditional free range way .(maybe not perfect, but not a factory farm). Making these type of consumer choices when buying f meat will hit the factory farms in the pocket book and that is the best way to start in my opinion. My son will push this as a school class project to educate people on how their meat is treated and to look for better choices and help with pushing laws for protection.

I think this will take time, but the movement has started and we need to grow as many people into this movement as we can. This is common sense and it is what God would want us to do for any animals we farm.

Even the Bible talks about the consumption of meat, so I think that we need to work together, the vegans and the non vegans to protect the rights of these animals.