Animals as Food


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Animals as Food
Comments by Chip - 21 Apr 2011

Having worked as “undercover” security guard at a ConAgra processing plant and at one of their hatcheries walking perimeter, I have seen first hand the cruelty of this operation. I used to work midnight shift and would collect one of two “survivor” roosters from the dump truck most every night, where they were augered up the dock and somehow managed to avoid the gears. Not only were males discarded, but any bird that wasn’t completely white or completely dry when the brood trays were emptied also got discarded.

The processing floor wasn’t too great either, I have seen the cutters drop product on the floor and then pick it up and put it back on the conveyor, all were Hispanics, working cheap at jobs “no American would do” as the saying goes. I bet the INS and FDA inspectors were paid off.

Anyway, that’s my 2 cents worth from decades ago. Your conclusion to stop eating eggs or chicken is just as extreme a position as people that allow cruelty to any animal. You would get more support with a less polarizing position. It’s not vegan or nothing. There is middle ground. In reality, treat animals as they are, a food source for man, given to men as such by God. Treat them with dignity and harvest them humanely. You can’t quote scripture to make your point, if you don’t quote all the context of all scripture. God gave animals to men as a food source, we are to have “dominion” over them. And at the same time to be “stewards” (caretakers) of them. Genesis 9:3,4.

I’m near 60 now, have seen a lot, done a lot and have gained some insights, take it for what it’s worth… it’s laudable, even a sacred work, to defend animals from the horrors you describe; but never, and I mean NEVER go against God’s purposes. If he said animals can be food, so be it. Don’t alienate yourself from God’s Holy Spirit. As recorded, Proverbs 3:5 “Trust in Jehovah with all your heart and do not lean upon your own understanding.” And Vs 7 “ Do not become wise in your own eyes.” If God gave man a gift, who are we to rebut Him? He knows what is best for man and for his animal creation as well. Consider this: all animals eventually die. Most “free” animals die horrible excruciating deaths from old age or predation. A quick, clean harvesting is perhaps the most merciful way for them to die and it provides benefit to God’s greatest creation-man.