Animals as Food


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Animals as Food
Comments by Chip - 24 Apr 2011

Thank you for your thoughtful comments. I certainly can’t argue with a lifestyle that affords you so much health and happiness.

I suppose I am somewhat “programmed” into eating eggs and some meat thru habit and convenience, but I worry about the cost of holistic and organic foods. It is a strange dichotomy that one has to pay more for less. Frankly, my time is too valuable to mess around with “home prepared” dishes. It just isn’t practical to go totally meatless. As far as the egg thing goes- I raise my own hens, they give me the eggs while under no duress and they don’t miss them.

As far as cholesterol is concerned, I am of the mind that red meat and high fructose sugar are the main killers. I will, indeed look to your recipes as I love to cook; I don’t much anymore as my wife is not into health foods and it is difficult to convince her to eat my diet of “ nuts, twigs and grass.” Oh well. As to the point of making food available to starving people, I say “if only that were true.” Simply, mankind does not starve for lack of provisions, God has granted man bounteous food; it is man’s greed and improper distribution that allows some to over-indulge and others to waste away. Frankly, that will never change, until Jesus restores God’s Kingdom here on earth, as promised. It is like saying that if I forsook my firearms all war would stop. We both know that will never happen, for the same reasons given.

And by the way, angels, in heaven are spirits and don’t eat anything, they are self-sufficient. (As you likely know.) So, eating is strictly a man thing and very much a waste of time in my book, I wish there was an energy pill I could take once a day and forego all the meal hoopla.

Your pre-vegan friend- Chip