Animals as Food


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Animals as Food
Comments by Chip - 26 Apr 2011

Dear Frank & Mary-

Ok, you've convinced me. I am going to try a "modified" vegan diet. It will include eggs, from my free range, pampered hens and I'm still going to eat fish, but I agree; if the demand for meat is still constant the cruelty won't stop. At least my hands will be clean of it. Can't honestly say how long this conversion will last, but I'm game. (Not to be confused with game animal.) LOL

I looked at the recipe webpage and there seems to be enough alternatives to make it work. Now if only I can get my lazy butt back into the cooking mode. Maybe, if I just repeat "I'm saving the plant...I'm saving the planet...I'm saving...

I appreciate your religious comments as well, most nowadays avoid Biblical discussion. Seems to me we are under obligation to speak of God's purposes. (Matt 28:19) We obviously share some common doctrine, but I was wondering if you thought there would be a literal feast in heaven, since clearly spiritual creatures require no physical food. (1 Corin 15: 39-41,50)

I often wonder, why there isn't more discussion of common ground in beliefs among honest-hearted people. I'm not sure most folks could make corrections in thinking, even if they found out a long held belief was erroneous. Obviously some beliefs are wrong, because there are so many of them. Jesus didn't speak of multitudes of truths, only one. Ephesians Chapters 4 & 5 makes it clear there is to be "oneness of the spirit," "one hope," "one God and Father" over all, a "oneness in the faith and accurate knowledge of the Son of God." The disciple Paul admonished to "Let no man deceive you with empty words;" but isn't that exactly what happens every Sunday from so many pulpits around the world?