Animals as Food


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Animals as Food
By Trey - 22 Nov 2011

Many people in my family suffer from cancer, I myself used to have nightmares until I stopped eating meat.

It was Thanksgiving of 2001 and I saw that the animal struggles before it died. Something just showed me that as I went to eat it.

I'm a big athletic guy and about once or twice I will eat a piece of meat, this is usually after I pray to be forgiven and have respect for the animal.

This is what I think God meant when he said the life blood, meaning it must be like road kill or something that is not healthy and has a happy life to live. I will be giving this article to my dad and aunts. They don't understand how much their family is suffering from this practice.

Us African Americans were factory farmed, studded and made to mate, as well as killed off, and it was legal back then, therefore someone had to take a stand.

I don't think that the whole world will stop eating meat, but I do think that people can be more conscious about it. When you stop eating meat you soon realize you are like in a world of your own. Its sad, but many more children are changing now.