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Animals as Food


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Animals as Food
By Mary - 30 Jun 2013


Yes Frank..that really helped as I just got a vegetarian/Vegan magazine and it said basically what you are saying...there is no such things as a "humane" piece of meat...I will never eat any thing with a face  any more.

I guess I could maybe go there for vegetables and vegan foods but they are probably more expensive there so I could go to a stop & shop or whatever and another thing i was wondering...when they label things "organic" how do you really know if it is or isn't...granted, I would rather take a chance on eating vegetables that may or may not have gmo or roundup in them but it is a lot better than eating an animal...there are no fresh vegetable farms around me and I don't have room to grow my own.  

Well, I will do the best I can and I feel that no matter what I eat, as long as it is not associated with any animal/bird/fish then I will be doing the right the soy milk and vegan butter and got a lot of other vegan things so all set.  

Thanks so much for all your help and I so much agree...there is  no such thing as a "good piece of is disgusting...these animals are suffering for our disgusting greed...another thing that infuriated me is what they are doing to ducks and geese for the foi gras??  I wrote to Amazon but will it ever stop there any animal or living creature that is safe from so called is so depressing and the best part is they are so much better than the so called humans..we couldn't hold a candle to them.