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By Mary - 2 Sep 2013

Hi Frank,

Hope you and Mary had a wonderful Labor Day weekend.  Hard to believe summer is over but looking forward to the fall.  Dreading Thanksgiving but will get through it.  

Have been asked a lot of questions from people lately..."what would we do with all the animals that are here now if everyone became vegetarian...who would feed and house them and who would pay for all of this"?  I really did not have an answer.  

I do know that in time there would not be this many animals because they would not be impregnated constantly for more meat and dairy etc. so there would be so many fewer, but really did not have an answer except to say the world is overpopulated with people so should we start killing them...the govt pays for a lot of them but would the govt be willing to have sanctuaries or whatnot to  pay to house and feed the animals...same thing?  Really for me something to vote would be for the govt to pay for them...there are too many but it is the factory farmers fault so there you go...there is the answer...force them to pay to keep the animals housed, fed and cared for...even hire people to pet and love them!!!


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