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By Karolin - 27 Sep 2013

Hi Frank and Mary,  

Going back to my trip to Germany, I really had a nice time with my family.

I don't know if this is true but it seems as though they are ahead with regard to animal advocacy.

For example, I was very happy to see articles such as "think twice about eating pork" in "regular" women's magazines, which described the horrible pain and suffering the animals endure. In almost every women's magazine there was a page dedicated exposing animal suffering and what we can do. That is quite different from our American modern women's magazines where you never see anything like that.

The media tells people all of the time about animal tragedy.....not only the animal welfare groups.

Also, politicians get into animal welfare. As you may know, I was there a couple of weeks prior to elections.

One large political party advocated and suggested "one vegetarian day" per week for school cafeterias, government cafeterias, etc, as well as households. This particular party has always been advocating for animals and they are actually a pretty big party now. Out of the 33 parties that are in the Bundestag in 2013 at least 3 or 4 advocate for animal rights

So that makes me wonder......with all of the public knowledge that the people are given, less animals should suffer. The truth though is that more animals suffer than ever.

It seems that the "good" takes 1 step forward and then 10 steps back.

Btw. My mom is doing good. Still eating vegetarian. She told me that she is very proud of me that I won't wear leather and/or eat animal products. She said that she will try to do more.

Have a good day.


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