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By Karolin - 23 Oct 2013

Hi Frank and Mary,
So here at the hospital we have Chaplains who comfort those who are very ill and/or are dying. One of them, a man in his 40's I see quite frequently. Although I don't know him, we always say " are you" to each other.
Yesterday one of my coworkers put a frozen pizza with sausage, pepperoni, etc in the oven. You could smell the aroma on the entire floor.
It just so happened that this particular chaplain came out of the office with a colleague. They both acknowledged the aroma and commented on how good it smelled and how they were hungry for pizza and that they should get one. I was standing right there, so they sort of included me into this small talk.
I took my chance and said "it smells really good but I don't eat meat, so......."
The chaplain turned around and said in a "funny meant" way "Oh...but I eat everything that has a face...hihih" and then he quickly slipped through a door into a conference room.  His colleague was right behind him and could still hear my answer to that. I said "Genesis".....she looked back at me with her mouth wide open before she vanished also into the room.
So I think being a Chaplain is nothing but a scam and a paycheck. It is amazing how little compassion they really have.
Have a great day.

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