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By Karolin - 8 Nov 2013

Hi Frank and Mary, 

Funny thing. I ran into a coworker this morning and she told me that she was diagnosed with Diabetes 2 weeks ago. So, she said that her doctor told her to make half of her plate veggies. I suggested a vegetarian/vegan diet and mentioned Dr. Neil Barnard and his anti diabetes diet.
She says..."Naw...I love my meat too much. I kill a deer every year"
I think the meaning of my words went right over her head. She sees no connection between the meat she eats and her disease. Well, of course I mean that meat is unhealthy, but I am more speaking about animals/meat/flesh on a spiritual level.  I think if it is okay for us to kill the animals, it certainly is okay for the animals to kill us. The only difference is that our death is usually a slow one and therefore we don't put "two and two" together. 

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