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By Mary - 26 Nov 2013

Hi Frank,

I am sitting here with my blood boiling over Thanksgiving, and I just wonder where you get your beautiful attitude about pray for those sinners.  I cannot.  I know because it is now on the news, all over the internet and FB about how turkeys, along with other animals are treated and there is no way on earth I could ever forgive these people.

Knowing the horror these animals/birds go through and STILL want to adorn your table for a "pretty" meal at the expense of a living creature is just beyond my comprehension and I will never in my lifetime have one ounce of forgiveness for these people.  

If a turkey had to be eaten by a very starving family out in the wilderness somewhere and was killed very "kindly" if there is such a thing I could understand that more that just some person who wants to have a nice looking table for tradition with the turkey in the middle....guess I will be furious for quite awhile ...can't help it, Frank, and I know I am not alone...especially when there are other things to eat and the thing that really gets me is people know what is happening and just don't care...

I am really getting to despise the human race...I just read the most beautiful thing posted by a beautiful person who wrote "I am a turkey and went on to speak from the turkey's perspective as "I may look different than you, speak a different language, communicate differently, but have feelings, a family, feel sadness and pain and I thought all living beings were all different and because I am, you are going to kill me...and on and on...Frank..I just burst into tears reading that and it was on FB so I wonder if others read it but they would not care....

I'm sorry for going off again but I just want you to know that I HATE  all persons associated with the killing of animals...the corporations, meat packers, family farms, the people who eat them..all of them and God may not forgive me for how I feel but I don't care any more.


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