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By Karolin - 27 Feb 2014

Hello Frank and Mary,
I did not either until this guy told me. He also sent several newspaper articles for me to see.
I just NEVER thought that this was possible in Europe.
I guess eating dogs and cats is normal for some people and legal, if you slaughter your own cat and dog. People are not allowed to sell the meat though.
You are absolutely right, there is no difference between dogs, cows, cats, pigs or any other living creature.
Imagine however how callused people must be to eat their dogs and cats.
I guess it is pretty normal for farmers in Switzerland. When their farm cats and dogs get pregnant and give birth, they let them live for about a year and then they slaughter them for meat. Some do it themselves and others I guess have a butcher come out.  
I am trying to find an article written in English. Once I do I will forward it.

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