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By Mary - 1 Oct 2014

Hi Frank...

A friend of mine, who eats meat and who I have also lost so much respect for, has been diagnosed as having ecoli..escherichia 0157....I told her it was from animal waste in her intestines from eating animals or from a low grown vegetable as so much of the feces from animals is sprayed on the land to save the factory farms money but she said she will Never give up her meat!!!

This may sound awful Frank but I truly wish that all the meat eaters who know all about the suffering of animals and who just don't care, come down with the worst diseases from the very animals they have tortured and killed by buying them and I truly don't care if this kills these people.  Like this girl, she has e-coli and still intends to eat animals, knowing the suffering she is causing so if she suffers from e-coli, I do not care.


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