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By Karolin - 14 Jan 2015

Hi Frank and Mary,
You are right and a few years back I would have gladly taken his advice as an excuse to satisfy my taste for meat. Today I know better.
When I explained that the animals are brutally killed his reply was "They were brutally killed then as a sacrifice to God, no difference"............I mentioned Isaiah 1;11 that God took no pleasure in the sacrifice of animals but did not get a reply.  How much more clear can the bible be????
Their church is Calvary Chapel.....
I don't feel that anything will change, at least not soon. It is so sad....all over the world.  When I first found out about the cruelty I was SURE to end it. I though there is no way that people don't listen. I thought that they just don't know.
The church is the biggest disappointment. What a bunch of evil liars!
I bought the bible so that I can answer back and there is nothing that suggests the torture of animals.
Even if God allowed later on for us to eat animals (probably because he was disgusted with us and gave up??????).........anyone who has a little of a brain would say "I will look at Genesis, the beginning, where God told us what to eat"   because that was God's original intend and the one we should go by.
A few weeks ago I had a lady patient who basically got a death sentence. Her husband is a pastor. Well, we worked together and became closer, so I was able to tell her about my diet and my reason for it. Her husband was present (notice how I said he is a pastor)...........I did say that God's original intend was eating plant based and backed it us with Genesis 1;29.......the wife nodded but the first thing the husband did was pick up his bible and scrolled through it. I bet he did not remember that MOST important part of the whole book of God. He closed his bible but did not say anything.
I also had a patient I had to sit with for 8 hours and we really hit it off.  He is a beef farmer and has 4000 animals. He was so open and funny that I had an easy time to ask him to realize the animals. Well he won't but he did say that the slaughterhouses are cruel and agreed on that part.  He is an alcoholic and fell down the steps and was in intensive care for a long time.  He has been given a second chance and it would be nice if he would take it.
As for me, I am doing alright. I am puzzled by people and wish I had my Eini here. I am living with my friend and we are great company to each other. She is pretty much eating plant based now, at least when I am around.
I am not sure what life holds but I guess it does not matter so much because they say that later on, up there it will be much nicer :)
I hope so because down here there is nothing really that nice.
Thanks for always having an open ear for me and my sorrows and thoughts.
I have not gotten back to be reading your sermons for a while, which I desperately need to.  It is just that when I read them, Eini was laying next to me and he seemed to agree and find comfort in me reading next to him.  That little rascal, I never thought, I could miss him so much.  I am a little mad that God did not take him naturally and still fight with the guilt of having him put to sleep. I do believe that God let him visit from time to time but that has become very sparingly.
I hope you have a good night and that everything is alright.

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