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By Karolin - 27 Jan 2015

Dear Frank and Mary,
I believe you are right.
I gave them your e-mail and they said that they thought you were a real pastor and not a board member of some animal group. Hahaha....and he said that according to your website my trolling on FB is incorrect....hahaha.....that  you are not a God fearing, bible fearing non profit foundation, not a church in their opinion.
To go further, their pastor told me that I will not go to heaven just on love and basically said that I will go to hell if I don't straighten up....hahaha.....again he encouraged me to believe as they do. He said that it was no accident that I landed on their to speak in order to be saved...hahaha.....he said I have to follow the scriptures exactly as they are and I should not think what they mean.   I did email him an article by Keith Akers on the subject and he called it "Jesus Seminar people" and he did not think they were still around.
So sad that they are like this. 
I will tell them one last thing and that is the comment you made in your other email.......
I should not let this get to me......
Thanks for all of your support.

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