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By Rick - 22 Feb 2016

How do you explain Genesis 9:2-3? "Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you." The Bible couldn't be more clear. God gave us permission to eat animals. He also commanded Old Testament Jew's to kill animals as sacrifices. That was not man's idea. It was God's law. You have yet to defeat any of my arguments. I'm presenting you with scripture. You have yet to respond to my direct points with any scripture to back up your opinions. You want to spend your life worrying about animals. Jesus called us to be fishers of men. Men have souls. God wants us to win men's souls to Christ...not sit around telling people not to eat animals. Jesus (God incarnate) also ate animals while on earth. Jesus participated in the Passover feast, meaning He ate animals. He also fed thousands with sheep on multiple occasions. Fish are animals. Not only that...but Jesus never mentioned anything about eating meat being immoral. You're worried about flesh and blood...that's all animals are...they're meat. We as humans have souls...that's where God's concern the human heart and soul. I understand you don't feel all warm inside when someone kills an animal, but that's just your own personal stance. Again, if God shares your stance, then show me the scripture. You talk about the way things were before the fall. Well, wasn't man naked before the fall? So should we walk around naked? We no longer live in that world. After the fall, God said to eat the animals and have dominion over them. You simply choose to ignore God's Word. Either respond back with scripture to back your claims, or stop wasting our time.



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