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By Rick - 24 Feb 2016

Lol...all of that and you ignore the scripture I sent you in 1 Timothy? And then you answer my scripture in Genesis with a link? You're wasting both of our time. I'm going to ask you to please stop emailing me at this point. I want to have a factual discussion, but you just want to walk around OBVIOUS and very clear scripture. You have no answer for the scripture I sent you from 1 Timothy or from Genesis. I'm not clicking links. The scripture I sent you is so clear, the burden is on you to show me how you get around such obvious scripture. I'm not clicking links and reading articles just because you're lazy. I sent you a scripture where God literally says "You are to eat all animals!" And you just say..."hey, check out this link." Lol...this is getting seriously laughable. Keep believing what you want...just make no mistake, 1 Timothy is talking about YOU. Please discontinue this. It's clear that your feelings aren't going to change no matter what. I sent you multiple verses that say in the clearest of terms it is good to eat animals. There's not much else I can do. You go on eating tomatoes and green beans. I'm gonna keep eating steak, per God's command.


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