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By Lisa - 23 Apr 2018

Frank and Mary:

I saw a Facebook post with pictures (see attached for the pictures if you can open up the Microsoft Word document -- I was unable to cut and past the FB post/pictures into this email).  The caption below the pictures read: 

“One day of branding done!! What a beautiful day!! There was just 7 of us, thanks for coming Tony and bringing a friend, with you guys and Joanie we gotter done!!:

One or two of the pictures, as I hope you can see, show the smoke coming from the animal this is SO sad, despicable and repulsive to me.  It makes me so angry that they have such a celebratory attitude about this in their comments.  I am livid!

I posted a few comments basically stated that “these animals suffer tremendous pain and fear which transfers into their flesh which is then eaten by humans, and I asked the question, “if this animal was a beloved pet, how would you feel about doing these terrible, torturous, painful, abusive and unjust things to them?  Do you think this treatment is right to any animal that feels pain, fear and cannot defend themselves?”  I also stated that “I do not believe it is God’s will for us to inflict this type of pain and suffering and murder upon a harmless sentient animal that can feel fear, suffer agonizing pain and be sent off to be mercilessy and cruelly slaughtered for humans to consume."  I did not copy my comments into this email ver batim) but this is the gist of my comments.  

Below is the response I got (by the way, the girl who posted the pictures is someone I have never met before, but we have corresponded over several years, she is a “Christian” and she and her husband live in Montana.  Here’s here reply to me: 

“Yes Lisa this is our way of life. They are cared for BETTER then we care for those on the streets. They are our lively hood. I'm sorry you do not understand, but don't question they way of life that feeds thousands...God did intend us to feed the multitudes”

She totally deflected the “indictment” within my comments (which is typical of so many who call themselves Christians.) 

I would like some advice on how to respond in a Godly manner.  My immediate response to her reply is anger (emotional) at how defensive and unfounded (scripturally, I believe) her reply to my comments is.  I do not believe that God wants us to slaughter any animals to “feed the multitudes” and I do not believe scripture supports the exploitation, abuse, cruelty and murder of innocent animals, much less to “feed the multitudes”.  I get it that people have to make a living, but God originally provided us plant based foods.  Sin is what introduced death of any kind.  Furthermore, the fact that consuming meat, dairy, any animal products at all, are being increasingly identified (by physicians, clinicians and research) as being tremendously detrimental and harmful to our health, to the environment, and so many other things. 

So how do I answer this post without sounding emotionally angry, attacking?  I feel that murder of any kind, in light of Jesus’ message of mercy, grace, “love” and kindness (the fruits of the Spirit) is sin.  How do I address this in a scripturally accurate way?  I need some help.  Am I right, can our treatment (murder, torture, cruelty, abuse) be classified as “sin”?   What scriptures truly address that this is sinful.

There is much more I could expound on regarding my struggles, but this one item in particular is weighing on me.  I want to give an answer that will be impactful but not attackful.  Please email me with your thoughts.  Thank you so much!


P.S.  One of the biggest struggles I have is how conditioned people are to categorize animals, we love dogs, cats, etc., and we advocate for them when they are being abused, etc. but yet we have our "food" animals and the abuse and murder of them is "justified".  This girl always posts when dogs are lost, cute animal videos, rescues, and the like.  It's such deception at the level of HYPOCRACY and it makes me so angry.  Error! Filename not specified.

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