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By Lisa - 24 Apr 2018

Dear Frank,

Thank you for your reply. I checked the post last night and there were comments affirming and celebrating their "success".  It angers me so much, but I know your advice is wisdom. 

I was in church several weeks ago and I was weeping while thinking about this subject, and I felt like the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart saying "pray for the hearts of stone & evil to be softened and transformed by the love and compassion of God for others, not just humans, but especially for the animals and children, the defenseless and needy that depend on the powers of another human being to care for them, rather than abuse, torture, etc. 

t is their hearts that need to have a revelation of God's mercy, compassion for them and for those they abuse and torture.  And to pray for the protection of ALL of God's creation (not just human beings) including the earth. 

I get so weary when I feel people separate animals and people, when God created both, it is not either or that we should treat with love, mercy, peace and compassion.  So I guess that we must keep praying as above, having faith that our prayers actually manifest to change hearts, including the heart of this woman and the people that celebrate with her. 

Do you agree with this?   Any thoughts, comments?


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