Animals Must Have Souls If They Are Conscious


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Animals Must Have Souls If They Are Conscious
Comments by CA - 27 Aug 2010

In Reference to: Animals Must Have Souls If They Are Conscious

Your article was a breath of fresh air as at church they agree there will be animals in heaven, but continue with only humans have souls.

However, living with many dogs over the years, including therapy dogs in palliative care, there is no doubt in my mind that dogs are capable of LOVE and COMPASSION.

It is nothing to do with cupboard love. They seek out those near death and comfort them. One patient asked the dog attend their mother's funeral.

We sat at the front and the dog stared at the casket. The minister said "It is alright to grieve. It is alright to shed a tear."..

The dog immediately began to whimper, sobbing as she stared at the casket. It seemed at that point everybody took her lead and burst into tears.

My pets have richly rewarded me and taught me and loved me. I have always argued that my friends deserve a place in heaven and how could any God of Love let me in and not let those wonderful companions in too?

Don't want a new set of dogs. Those beautiful souls are the ones who earned the right to be there.