An Inside Look at Slaughter Houses

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An Inside Look at Slaughter Houses
Comments by Jenny Thomson - 19 Jun 2007
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I work for a small slaughter house. We allow our animals to fresh water 24 hours a day. We do not torment them, mostly because of humane handling issues but also because that kind of treatment has a negative effect on the meat. The blood and waste is composted much like that of a vegetarians garden waste and used to fertilize hayfield and garden areas. The United States Department of Agriculture monitors everything we do to the animals before they are slaughter and afterwards. We only slaughter healthy animals. Our neighbors cannot smell our plant and have no idea where we keep our hides. Animals do not have their legs broken or hacked off until they are completely dead. And for your information slaughter houses do not castrate live animals. The Rocky Mountain Oysters may be removed once the skinning process has started but not before. If the animals are going to die why bother dehorning them? Please think about that. I would like to see you grow enough food to support a vegetarian on the sage brush flats and cedar pinon areas that surround our plant. Sometimes the best way to us that type of country is livestock grazing. Our livestock pens are cleaned daily. We do not want the filth on the hides because then it has a better chance of transporting to the carcass during the skinning process.

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