An Inside Look at Slaughter Houses


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An Inside Look at Slaughter Houses
Comments by Rebecca Chatterton - 21 Aug 2007

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Hi my name is Rebecca Chatterton,

Everything you say is true but you leave out an animal. The MUSTANG is the heart of the American west, there numbers are slowly declining, and we as true Americans have to stop this major declination.

Some people are so sick. What they do to these poor horses, they get in there planes and herd these mustangs together and chase them till they can no longer stand, blood stains the earth, and then as the planes leave, they get in there trucks and make them run more until there lungs will burst, then their bodies litter the ground.

Half alive they take the horses, rope there leg together and drag them on to trucks where they are brutally smashed so they can barely breath.

I will show you some pictures of what really happens.

Do you see that man standing there smiling. That is no human being who should be aloud to live. This is the true reality of horse slaughter. And any person who is all for horse slaughter should not be called an American.

These animals have been here for us, and now it is time we are there for them. Who won those races for us, who has pulled those carriages, and rode us into battle line like true friends, who has been running wild and free for hundreds of years and earned there name? The powerful mustangs.

Take a good look at these pictures and see the real horror of the slaughter of mustangs. The last pictures shows and symbolizes freedom, if we have the right of freedom they should too.

Thank You, for your time and listening. please write back soon. and help spread the word on trying to save the majestic mustang.


Rebecca Chatterton

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