An Inside Look at Slaughter Houses


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An Inside Look at Slaughter Houses
Comments by Cindy - 20 May 2009

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Good afternoon,

I became a vegetarian almost a year ago when I learned the harsh reality of the meat & dairy industry. So being that the slaughterhouses and "Factory Farms" are not only unsanitary, and are more or less a" torture chamber" for farm animals, why are they still open? What can we do about it????

More people need to be aware of the abuse and cruelty that goes on behind closed doors. Sadly, most people don't want to hear about how the meat got to their dinner table. They just know that it tastes good.

I have gotten ridiculed from friends and family members ever since I stopped eating meat. Nobody wants to hear that eating meat is bad for the planet, bad for the animals, and bad for our health. Any advise would be welcome.

I pray one day soon that our planet will change to a plant-based diet!

Thank you!


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