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Animal Sacrifices: Our Visitors' Comments


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Animal Sacrifices: Our Visitors' Comments
By Ray Barta - 13 Aug 2012

I agree.

You have a good clear head on your shoulders.

Men are evil, not God.  Men use the name of God to justify their evil deeds and the unwise believe them without question.  I have tons of faith in God, but not in Man to tell me about God, I have my heart and soul to do that.

Yes, we can pick and choose from the bible, because we are to have discernment to know what is God and what is Man.  They are both in the bible.

The natural world must be self operating, and in such must have population control.  If all animals were vegetarian, they would over populate the ability for plants to grow and feed them and they would all starve.  We have deer season here in Georgia, since there are no wolves of big cats to control their population.  I don't disagree with hunting, it is needed, I am only disturbed by people enjoying it.

Also, predatory animals end the suffering of the old, sick and injured.  I had to put my cat of 14 years down recently, as it was the humane thing to do to end his suffering.  Predatory animals serve the same purpose.

If anyone knows how to invent a better world, let me and God know.