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Animal Sacrifices: Our Visitors' Comments


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Animal Sacrifices: Our Visitors' Comments
By Frank and Mary Hoffman - 5 Jan 2013

Dear Elaine:
While we agree that the scriptures seem to indicate that some form of sacrifice was taking place, there is absolutely no indication of the reason for doing so, and there is also no reference to God having even mentioned anything previously, only the opposite because God has given human beings the responsibility of being stewards of His creation. God only wanted obedience. There is more to this passage than meets the eye at first glance. There are also many Hebrew scholars who question the meaning behind the Cain and Abel story.
This has nothing to do with trying to discredit God’s word. It’s just trying to understand why God would change His creation intent without saying anything. And in trying to understand Scripture, we also have to be careful not to add anything that is not there.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary